Friday, November 16, 2007

Monday Night Football

WOW!! What a game. Yep we went to the Monday night football game agains the blowout of the 49ers and it was crazy!! I completely lost my voice about the 3rd quarter and my throat still hurts.
It was a great game and since it was Veterans Day there was a flag presentation with a slide show that brought tears to my eyes. I thank every person out there in the armed forces PAST~PRESENT~ ALIVE~OR PAST ON. This country was founded on freedom and you all keep it close to home. THANK YOU~ My Dad is a Veteran of Vietnam and that day will forever be special in my heart. A special Thank You to my Dad, my hero.
Seahawks dominated the 49ers in a complete shut out which was great to see. We of course got quite dressed up which you can see down the page a bit. Great night!! The ride home was interesting though. We got to test out my new cars snow driving abilities and it passed with flying colors. We could see about 10 feet in front of us and had to use the rumble strip to even know for sure if we were still on the road. Golf ball size flake of snow coming down in flurries!!! YESSSSSS its finally coming down.


mombee said...

Is that Mike or a mask!!!

mom and dad said...

OK I need to scroll down farther then I wouldn't have to ask dump questions and I can't figure out how to edit the first post. Some one needs to give me a lesson or two. I enjoy seeing yours and Saras blog so we should get one too...also I need help with my phone. I bought a song, but can't get it to work. See ya soon.