Thursday, November 8, 2007

A puppy is a puppy

Tonight my dog Zeus found out what a sugar high feels like. A few days ago we stopped at the store for some "movie candy" and then headed home. We struck gold with a 3lb bag of twizzlers. We maybe have made a half a lb. dent in them since then (if that). Tonight, Zeus was so quitely entertaining himself and ATE THE WHOLE BAG. I am not kidding, 2.5lbs of twizzlers sit in my dogs tummy. He has been bouncing off the walls all night and is very uncomfortable with a huge tummy ache I am sure. Laughter is stopped only at the thought that I probably threw my dog into SUGAR SHOCK.

~Memorize your moments of pure elation~

1 comment:

mombee said...

good thing it wasn't chocolate or he'd have more than the gas and poops I'm guessing are coming:)