Thursday, January 31, 2008

For My Mama

This card started out for my sister who really enjoys the stamps with a Pun in the saying but as it evolved I couldnt help thinking about my Mama. Well this isnt really a true depiction of what she would look like but I will probably never be able to find a stamp with a lady wearing a MooMoo. We really did grow up with a fun childhood of feeding the chickens, goats, cows, my sisters horse and all the other fun things that come with barnyard living. Cant say in the city I have ever delivered baby goats at 3 in the morning on a school night and then put them in the bathtub for the night on a sleeping bag. No life in town is a bit more predicatable. But Mom and Dad always did it with a smile and a few good laughs. Thanks for the memories Mama. And Dad, drive safe home from Montana. LOVE you both.


mom and dad said...

I love your post and your card!! Yes we had fun!! Thanks for the memories:)I can still see you and Sara walking your chickens around for the judges at the proud pet show you won, I guess no one else had ever seen such a thing either...oh thank you sweetie

mom and dad said...

p.s. for those who don't know how you walk a chicken I'll just grab their tail feathers as you set them down and start walking...that isn't too hard if you're 4 and 6 and rather close to the ground. I wonder which one of you thought of that? I can only guess, and good luck too finding a picture of that to make a card out of Oreo.