Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ridge to River Race 2008

This is me! Doing the last leg of the Ridge to River Race. My team was called the "Queens of Hearts" (All cardiac/Critical Care/ER/or Progressive Care Heart RN's)

First from right: Liz our Runner (ER Nurse) second from right Secret our Cyclist (Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse). third from right Christine our Cross Country Ski/Skater(Progressive Care/ Cardiac Step down Nurse. fourth from right Me the Kayaker (Critical Care). Fifth from right Kat our downhill skier (Progressive Care/ Cardiac Step down Nurse. We came in third in the Pro Division Yeah!!!!! The Ridge to River starts at our local ski mountain and then ends on the Columbia River that separates East and West Wenatchee. 5 Legs!! We were even more competitive than we expected to be......

Me with our little trophies

Me and my Hubby (my primary support person!!)

Good job ladies....we rocked!

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Stacey said...

AWESOME!! Good for you guys!! You ROCK!!! :)