Friday, March 28, 2008

April Birthdays come in....well lots!!

April is the multiple birthday month for our family so I thought I would get started.

My Sisters birthday April 3rd and I made the pink butterfly card for her.
They Mikes sisters birthday is also April 3rd and she gets the Bella Birthday card.
Mikes mom gets the sparkly card for April 16th
Mikes brothers card is still to come for April 8th
They my Grandmas bday is April 19th so I will be turning out birthday cards this month.

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Stacey said...

You've been quite the busy card making bee haven't you??? GOOD for you and FUN for you too!!
April is a BUSY Birthday month for me too!I guess I'd better get busy-April is RIGHT around the corner isn't it?!!
I picked up THE CUTEST cupcake set at tcw the other day....I'm planning to use it for bday cards--I'll have to post a pic to my blog-I can't wait to play with them. Of COURSE I'll post pics of the cards I come up with once I'm done so check out my blog! :)
Thinking of ya!