Monday, February 4, 2008

A little Womanly shout out.

When I finished this card I realized I had crossed that "girly" line. In life Women need 4 things: People to love, Wine, Chocolate, and Bubble Baths. Without any of those, we are disjointed, incomplete and well to be honest....pretty hard to live with. We are instinctively made to love others (even at the cost of neglecting ourselves) we have to have wine and chocolate to keep our mind sane and well the Bubble Baths, those are just necessary once in awhile.

Cheers to all the ladies, who through thick and thin remember what matters most and who maintain a big smile to go along with it. I tip my glass to the other women in my life who I admire, love and will cherish my whole life.

You all know who you are!!


Bridget said...

I could use a little bubbly right now lol. oh, btw you've been tagged! Go to my site for the rules and info :)

Stacey said...

I SO LOVE this stamp set!!!