Thursday, February 14, 2008


Is there anything else to say....Nope not today. The best Valentines Day present ever. I am now......Aura Battis, RN

Wow does it ever feel amazing to say that.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me through from the bottom of my heart. You all know who you are and I appreciate you more than words can say. It has been quite a journey but it feels really good to be done with such an accomplishment. Dad, Mom, Sara and Arlen you have all kept me smiling the whole time and have given me little pick-me-ups along the way that have made all the difference. There are so many people who have touched my life in very special ways that there isnt really time or room to got into it all.

Just a big THANK YOU to all of you and guess what. You have Mrs. Reliable back again...Need anything...I am your gal (what else am I going to do with all the time on my hands....hahaha)

Cheers to all....and ME


Stacey said...

I KNEW you would! :)
I am SO happy for you!!
-I"m STILL waiting for my ATT!! UGH!! I'm going to call today.
Hope to hear from you soon!

derek said...

Congratulations Aura!! What a great accomplishment. Look forward to having you guys over here soon :)

Laura said...

Congratulations, what a big accomplishment! You could mmmm....STAMP with all your free time! :)