Saturday, February 16, 2008

For you Sara

This is for my little Sis. Cheer up sista!! Bad days come and go just to allow you to remember the pure joy of the good days. If we all had good days all the time, we would be the Valium Nation with no real true joy. Happiness comes to those who are courageous enough to get through the bad days with a smile. I love you!! Cheer up.


stampqueen said...

Heyya kiddo,
I love that saying on your card for your sis today - wish I could find it on a stamp.
I am starting a blogroll of Nurses who stamp/scrap/alter/craft (and blog) on my blog if you don't mind me adding you. And if you know of any other Nurses who also have a blog and stamp/scrap/alter/craft who I could include just zap me a line and I will add them too.
Thought it sounded like a fun idea...

Derek and Sara said...

Thanks my sista. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE!