Monday, January 7, 2008

One BIG happy family

The four of us make quite a pair. Zeus has already grown out this picture!! I still love it though


My name is Stacey said...

LOVE this picture!! BEAUTIFUL!
I've been keeping up with your blog so keep the pics and the creativity coming!!! :) I think it will be a great way to kinda keep in touch!
I've been busy working...BUT will have the next week and a half off for Christmas and my parent's visit (they arrive-in Spokane-tomorrow!!) It will be nice to have them spend Christmas with us this year.
If I don't talk with you before God's Blessings to you and Mike (and the boys-Axel and Zeuss) this Christmas and ALWAYS!!

Lars and Tara said...

Love the picture!!

mom and dad said...

Did I ever tell you you have a cute smile?...Love Mom